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Marjorie Prime
Marjorie Prime (2017)
A: 1.0 Q: 1.3 R: 1.4

Can a simulation of a lost companion, based on memories, provide companionship?

Battle of Memories
Battle of Memories (2017)
A: 3.5 Q: 3.8 R: 3.9

After undergoing a procedure to erase his memories, a botched restoration results in unexplained recollections relating to a series of unsolved murders.

Infinity Chamber
Infinity Chamber (2016)
A: 2.6 Q: 2.9 R: 2.3

Trapped in an automated prison, a man re-examines his memories for clues about his captivity, racing for solutions as the prison begins malfunctioning.

A Dark Song
A Dark Song (2016)
A: 0.0 Q: 0.0 R: 0.0

A Dark Song is ultimately an investigation of the transformative nature of forgiveness. But it takes you to that inexplicable contemplation quite unexpectedly.

Arrival (2016)
A: 3.7 Q: 4.5 R: 4.3

Dramatic first contact story that explores how language shapes thought, and how our perception of time affects the development of memories.

it's about peak experience and what it means to be human

Self/less (2015)
A: 3.2 Q: 3.3 R: 3.7

A wealthy man transplants his mind into a young donor's body, but the procedure is imperfect, and the man begins seeing signs of body's mysterious origin.

A woman in dire financial distress in a dystopian future chooses to have her consciousness transferred into a younger body to keep her career.

An eleven-year-old's five basic emotions are characters living in her head, and they color her experiences and her memories as she navigates a family move.

I Origins
I Origins (2014)
A: 1.3 Q: 2.3 R: 1.7

May reincarnation has a scientific explanation? what if creation and evolution coexist together? Great movie regarding the concept, art, acting,

In a mysterious and remote snowy outpost, Matt and Potter share a Christmas meal together... the rest is a "genuinely unsettling" mind/body conundrum.

A linguistics professor at Columbia University is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease. The film is a testament to the ordeal families face worldwide.

In post-WWII America, a Native American war veteran, mute and suffering from migranes, is given psychotherapy, exploring his dreams and traumatic past.

Parasitic alien creatures possess the minds of humans. But one alien forms a strange relationship with its host, and they attempt to liberate other humans.

A clerk in a government agency finds his unenviable life takes a turn for the horrific with the arrival of a new co-worker

Trance (2013)
A: 1.0 Q: 3.0 R: 3.1

An art thief gets hit in the head during a heist, and can't remember where he hid the painting. A hypnotherapist tries to help him recover the memory.

Justice is Mind
Justice is Mind (2013)
A: 4.9 Q: 4.9 R: 5.0

In a future where MRI technology can read your mind, the trial of the century soon begins when a defendant faces his own memory.

Lack of emotions, bipolar characters, use of drugs and placebos, social experimentation.

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