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The Snake Pit
The Snake Pit (1948)
A: 0.0 Q: 0.0 R: 0.0

A woman finds herself in an insane asylum and cannot remember how she got there. Notable for raising public awareness about the state of mental institutions.

Spellbound (1945)
A: 0.0 Q: 0.0 R: 0.0

A psychoanalyst protects the identity of a dissociative amnesia patient accused of murder while attempting to recover his memory

Gaslight (1944)
A: 2.3 Q: 5.0 R: 4.3

Charles Boyer tries to implant false memories in Ingrid Bergman.

Mad Love
Mad Love (1935)
A: 1.3 Q: 4.3 R: 2.7

An insane surgeon replaces a wounded pianist's hands with the hands of a knife murderer, which still wanna throw knives. Embodied cognition?

The Academy of Surgical Research has a problem with cannibalism and the (very odd) scientists on the faculty are all suspects!

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