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The following Power BI visualizations build off the analysis described . All three visualizations can be filtered by movie by clicking on the left sidebar, and the whole embed can be made fullscreen with the icon in the lower right.

The first is a word cloud visualizing the raw frequencies of the terms found in movie reviews. Terms that appeared commonly in reviews of both cognitive science and non-cognitive science movies were filtered out, leaving us with a subset of terms that should be more relevant to cognitive science.

The next two visualizations are network graphs made with the cosine distances between each movie. The first network has an edge between two movie nodes if their distance is less than 0.5. The second network has edges between each movie and its 5-nearest neighbors by distance.

These visualizations were created by Mac Vogelsang, Ana Hakhamaneshi, Evan Beall, Erelyn Apolinar, and Saurabh Shukla as part of Dr. Katy Börner’s Spring 2019 Information Visualization class.